Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Randy Cunningham & The Climate of Corruption: Where Are The Women?

Of course it comes as no suprise to me that so many of Little Bush's cronies and fellow Republicans are turning out to be corrupt. (I know Cunningham was an elected official and the only real tie he had with Bush was a shared political party--but in my mind any Republican is suspect.... At least I'm admitting the prejudice, right?)

What does suprise me is that there haven't been any females indited--or accused--in the past few months. Are women simply more ethical or better at hiding their indescretions? Or is it simply a matter of odds: as more women enter public service--our numbers are still woefully low--more will abuse their offices. I believe the latter...

Although I will say that one of the most persistent myths I hear my female friends repeat is the women are, well, simply better. A female culture, they seem to imply, is one saturated with all things fuzzy and warm--sharing; kindness; wholeness. Not so, I say. Yes, men and women are different, but we're all human in the end and human beings are subject to certain foibles across time and race and gender.


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