Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tagged You Say?

And so I am! By Red.

Five Things in my Freezer
1. A humungous bottle of Fish Body oil supplements
2. Two hot dog buns
3. A tin of pre-ground admittedly crappy but needed for emergencies coffee
4. Half bag of now freezer-burned peas
5. Two scary-looking sausages

Five Things in my Closet
1. A stunning carpet our Azerbaijani friend brought back from Baku for our wedding which we never got around to hanging after the move. (Too nice to put on the floor; the cats would’ve destroyed it. That's their favorite hobby: destroying our shit.)
2. My new running shoes—asics gel kayanos XI--I bought from ebay for like half the price. (Yay ebay!) Although they're now a little dirt-stained after our anniversary run in Prospect Park.
3. A brand new Louis Vuitton duffel bag my ex-Uncle (as in used to be married to my Aunt) bought for our wedding and which we haven’t gotten around to selling yet--on ebay! (A little too ostentatious for our tastes and habits. I mean it wouldn’t really work on a camping trip, would it?)
4. An empty laundry basket that one of the cats—Jasmine—has adopted as her lair.
5. My gigantic winter coat. Back in Charlottesville I didn’t need anything this heavy, but here? With the tall buildings acting like fucking wind tunnels? I'll need a heavier one this year, actually.

Five Things in my Car
1. An empty water bottle crammed under the passenger seat.
2. A Xerox of a booklet called Great Runs In Charlottesville. (I only ever went on one of the routes, though.)
3. A gagillion paper napkins left over from lunches on the go.
4. A bag of stale pretzels
5. An invitation to Rod’s friends’ June 24th wedding out on Long Island.

Five Things in my Purse
1. My wallet walled stuffed with receipts, credit cards, and a handful of seeds I collected from a Money Tree from a Carroll Gardens front patio.
2. Half charged cell phone.
3. Pen and Small notebook stuffed with index cards and scraps of paper. (An example. A lime green card with the words: Hook; Character; Plot in black marker.) I've been carrying that one for five years now.
4. Keys
5. Camera

And the Lucky Five...
1. Calla Lillie
2. Novelist In Training
3. Pendulum
4. Mama Duck
5. Scott Holden Smith


Blogger Pie said...

These cats seem to be making lairs everywhere I visit today :-)

11:33 AM  

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