Thursday, April 05, 2007

Long Time Gone

I know. I know. I haven't updated this site in forever.

So much has happened and yet at the same time nothing really has happened.

I've just--well. Been silent. Which has been weird but not entirely bad. Sort of a regrouping time.

On Tuesday night I went to my first seder. (Which is weird, since Rod is Jewish and we've been together for nine years.) It was at a kosher Japanese steakhouse on the upper east side. Started at 9; two hour service, then we ate, then more service, until we finally left at 1 am. It was really intense. Rod and his sister said that they'd never been to a seder that long before, but his Dad's wife is orthodox and so we ended up there. Fascinating for the first two hours, but after that I got way tired and sort of wanted to go home.

Tomorrow morning we're leaving for Charlottesville to celebrate Easter with my family. Should be fun. Especially since my Mom has been having a hard time of it lately, so it'll be good to spend some time with her.

Other than that: I'm working on a new short story, Story B, about a TV writer named Bryan. We'll see how that goes.


Anonymous phill said...

Welcome back, sweetie. I was getting a little worried there, but figured you were immersed in your writing or something like that. Hope you and Rod have a good Easter weekend. Take Care!

11:47 AM  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

so good to hear from you after all this time!!!

i hope your mom's okay. your family needs no more hardship... that's for sure! i'll put her in my prayers.

hope all else is well :)

1:46 AM  

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