Monday, June 19, 2006

Janus Only Emerges At Night

Yeah, I know cats are nocturnal. But the other three hang out with us for at least part of the day. Janus, though, hides all day long and only comes out after six pm. At which time his favorite thing to do is sit on the sofa next to Rod and stare--at Rod; at the wall behind Rod; at the ceiling. Every once in a while he meows. Or comes to sit on the table next to the very computer on which I'm writing this entry and stare at me; at the wall behind me; at the ceiling. And even rarer: Jasmine and he engage in a turf war over the far eastern section of the sofa. Tiny furry samurai warriors on their hind feet sparring into the night.

Cats are annoying. But still. Not as annoying nor as shamefully needy as dogs. Cats love you, need you, but really, they seem to say--I won't beg. You'll have to come to me, dahling. Or I'll just casually stalk the fly that just flew in.


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