Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yoga Lab

So tomorrow morning I start training for a workstudy shift at a new yoga studio near me called Yoga Lab. This place is beautiful and I'm really really excited. I mean for chrissake they have a waterfall. And it only takes distilled water. And they have rooftop yoga! I mean. My god. Plus the woman who owns the studio seems really cool. But, no, I'm not giving up on Yoga People. I still love Gayle's wednesday night Forrest yoga class and Danika's friday night vinyasa. And Keith's monday night vinyasa, actually. (He's really into kundalini and does this snake gesture thing in the sun salutation series that seems a little weird at first but then feels kind of cool. I feel like a gypsy snake-charmer chick!) So I'm going to double dip. Which means I'll be earning four--yep, that's right, four!--free classes per week. What does this mean for my real job? (What job? Joke. A joke.) Well, I finish at Yoga people by 8:15 am on Tuesday and Thursdays. And the Yoga Lab shift is only from 1-6 pm on Fridays. So I can swing it. One of the plusses of freelancing and telecommuting is that you quickly learn that schedules are really just a superficial contruct. As long as the work gets done it really doesn't matter if it's at 11 at night or 11 in the morning.


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