Thursday, May 31, 2007

No Sleep Til Brooklyn

Our flight was delayed two hours yesterday. Right before we landed the stewardess got on the PA and asked if we all, as a group, could help the ten or so passengers making connecting flights to Israel and Jordan by remaining in our seats until they managed to de-plane. (She even went to far as to say that if we all helped these folks out, maybe someday when we're trying to make a tight connection, someone else will help us out. She didn't directly say--it's good karma, but the vibe was there nonetheless.) For the first few minutes people lingered, then, with no regard to those few trapped at the back of the plane, started to get up, pull their bags from the overhead compartment, and clog the aisles. Just so they could wait at baggage claim for their luggage.

Welcome back to NYC. I love you, but you're tough. And California, I'll keep you in my heart.


Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

a) i love that song. i've always kind of wanted to take a roadtrip to new york, just so we could play that song as we drove. but i don't like it THAT much :)

b) glad you're home safe. and yay new york. there's no place like it. that's for sure.

3:34 PM  
Blogger Red said...

"Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard. Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft."

I love those lines... and sounds like there's some truth in them. Welcome back!

3:38 AM  

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