Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Red Horse Cafe In Park Slope

I'm always on the look for new wi-fi cafes. As a nomadic worker, I rotate my days through a list of places with a wi-fi connection, a desk, some inexpensive coffee and an outlet within a three subway stop radius. Lately I've been sticking to my usual round: Carroll Gardens tea lounge, naidres, starbucks, with an occassional two hour stint at Margaret Palka Bakes. But today? Today I ventured out into the Slope. Three stops along the F and its a whole new fucking world, folks. I'm here at the Red Horse Cafe where I had a chicken and grape salad on wheat and a cup of decaf. (Salad: eh. Next time I'll get a muffin or bagel. Decaf: well, it's decaf.) But the atmosphere is sweet. It's quiet. The ceiling fan circulates the AC quite nicely and they're playing Wilco softly in the background. Haven't spied any outlets yet, so once I'm down to 15% I'll motor over the vast Park Slope Tea Lounge. But until then, I'm a happy camper.

Oh, and right now they're featuring Francis Simeni's artwork. Check it out:

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