Monday, July 17, 2006

Best Italian Food In NYC. I'm Not Kidding

Noodle Pudding. We went last night with Rod's family. Why it called Noodle Pudding and not, say, Pasta! Italia! I have no idea. But. This is by far my favorite place so far. And in the past year we've eaten out a lot. It's kind of the thing to do here.

Even though it's technically in Brooklyn Heights, not Manhattan, it's worth the trip. (One stop on the 2 or the 3 to Borough Hall or a quick cab ride over the Brooklyn Bridge.)

Noodle Pudding is so hip they don't need a sign. (No, really. There's no sign out front, so unless you know where it is, you're out of luck.)

Plus, no credit cards. Only cash.

But god.

I had: figs with prosciutto dribbled with honey and dotted with toasted almonds; halibut with spinach; and lemon scented whipped cream with fresh raspberries. Well. I also had a few bites of Rod's chocolate mousse cake with hazelnut gelato. Hmmmmmmmmmm.


Blogger Red said...

Your figs and prosciutto dish sounds divine! I'm drooling all over my keyboard...

9:44 AM  

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