Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Things I Resent Paying for & Things I Don't Mind Splurging On

A mini list because... Well, just because. (And yes, I do have better things to do with my time...)

Costs I Resent

They cost too much! And I heard over the weekend that my sister-in-law's boss (a Manhattan real estate honcho) who routinely pays $12,000 for a bag. Gimme a break.

Again, too much. $70 should be the upper limit. Period.

Toilet Paper
Should be federally funded (at least a roll per week per person) because really, isn’t it in the best interest of society that we all use this stuff?

Okay, it’s not so much paying for it as waiting soooo long for the nailpaint to dry that gets to me. I always leave too soon and end up smudging them. Which makes it not worth it in the end.

Same reasoning as the toilet paper.

Most roads are free, so why shouldn’t the subways and buses be as well? I’d pay more taxes for a free ride anytime I want.

So Worth It

Single biggest fashion must-have. Personally, I think most women would look 150% better if they: 1) worked out religiously 4 to 5 times a week, and 2) spent more money on a good haircut than on make-up. Nothing looks tackier than the clown look.

My hidden weakness. Still, Pantene is my favorite despite the claims of high-end products. And I have super curly dry hair.

They scrape off your calluses, folks. Plus you get to sit in the massage chair AND they give you a mini calf and foot massage. All for about $25 ($15 in some neighborhoods). Totally worth it.



Blogger raknak said...

My response:

Purses: $12K for a purse? Fuck purses. Though one of my favorite stories about you is the time you pulled a frickin hammer out of your bag and said something like "hmm, I don't remember putting this in here.)

Shoes: I disagree. Even though it's not so manly, with all the walking and travel, I usually find that to get a decent pair of "travellable" shoes, you need to spend.

TP: TP is worth it. I don't know about federal funding, but good TP is worth the $$. Also: baby wipes are a great travel accessory for when you're in a place with bad TP.

Manicures: don't know much about this other than a woman with a good manicure is pretty hot. It's something about the visual of that hand somewhere...I probably should avoid too much detail here.

Tampons: I don't have much experience here, but if I did I imagine I'd make the same comment as I did for TP.

Subways: driving on roads isn't free, its just hidden in the cost of buying the car, maintenance, etc.

Haircuts: agreed

Conditions: eh, I can live without it.

Pedicures: even hotter than manicures.

2:05 PM  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

purses: i agree... but i do love purses. (although i don't think i've ever spent more than $50 on one)

shoes: again... rarely spend more than $70... and i'm not ashamed to shop at payless.

toilet paper: hahhaaha... good point.

manicures: i don't even like manicures.

tampons: couldn't agree more.

subways: we don't use subways here, but i've thought this when visiting new york.

haircuts: LOVE them!

conditioner: yes.

pedicures: again... LOVE them! had one today, matter-of-fact

10:35 PM  

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