Saturday, July 29, 2006

Visiting Down South

I'm in central Virginia visiting my folks. Which is nice because I hardly ever get to see them. This morning I went on a run on my old running haunt, the Rivanna Trail. Not sure what part it is, but this section is near where Rod and I used to live--off Locust near Chesapeake St. An hour long run in the steamy Virginia morning. I'd forgotten how much the heat can take out of you, but I did it--and faster than I used to be able to run the same loop. Guess all that yoga and pilates are making a difference after all!

I'm lounging out by the pool now, gathering my strength to go help my dad pick corn and tomatoes and blackberries and whatever else he's got growing this year.

Later this afternoon Rod and I will make calls to all the various folks we know here in town who we didn't get to see last time we were down.

A welcome break from the city, that's for sure. The next two weeks will be action-packed as we gear up to go to Burning Man in late August.


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