Friday, August 11, 2006

Blogpost By Lebanese Poet Joumana Haddad

Check out a post on a British Arts Council-supported weblog by Lebanese poet (and editor of the Cultural page of Lebanese daily An-Nahar) Joumana Hadad.

As far as I know she's still in Beirut. Poet Marilyn Hacker is still in touch with her and posts from time to time about her to one of the womens' poetry listservs I belong to.

The post's title is" IS 'FATE' JUST ANOTHER PRETEXT? and here's an excerpt.

... I'm not sure of anything anymore. I doubt everything and everybody. In one of my recent editorials in the cultural page, I wrote: "Is 'fate' a pretext used by God when he messes up?". I got so many angry emails because of that phrase, protesting letters from readers, and even friends, who only saw in my question a kind of blasphemy, and did not feel the human rage and frustration which made it erupt, like lava from a volcano. I'm sure my God is indulgent and tolerant enough to understand my question, even if he won't bother to answer it . . .


Blogger Candy Minx said...

Hi, sorry it took me so longto read and respond to this link.

Very touching.

I am from the camp that words and literature art do have the chemistry and potential to transform us. but it is an individual transformation and change and process.

If poetry is over politicized then it dies it is cold and hollow and too literal in my opinion.

Poetry and literature are powerful in that we want acess to them and our own dialogue. Not that they can change political life or policies or peoples opinions.

the thing is, politics don't work. it's a failure system. i am pretty clear that I think this all comes from the kind of economy that takes free food and water...

locks them up and sells them back to our selves.

this idea is the root of our attitude about continents property and sharing and co-operating. It isn't of finacial value to people to stop driving their cars, or following leaders they can't se the continue to serve a slave system based on farming.

We can only learn how to escape this slavery by stuying other economies...and they are all the various thousands of systems found among hunter-gatheres.

We can't help our selves within this economy. it's a closed deead system. and while inside it we are taught to believe in it as a "progress' everyone thinks it's the best way to live.

It is why we have the kinds of wars we do. Violent competition.

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