Monday, October 02, 2006

Best Roadtrip Game Ever

When R. and I were living in Charlottesville we frequently went on long roadtrips--to DC; to New York; to Boston. After a while, bored of the radio, whatever gossip we could dredge up and our own paltry disagreements, we'd latch onto this game we called Baby Names. (No: I'm not pregnant nor trying to become so.)

It started as a sort of speculative 'When-we-have-kids-what-we'll-name-them' exercise but soon morphed into Who Can Come Up With The Craziest Name? Who could deliver the final trump--the name that would stop the game dead in it's tracks. Me giggling into the steering wheel, R grinning maniacally into space?

R won--and wins--hands down. Why? He initiated both the definite article middle name and part of speech middle name.


Attila The S_____


Angus Shwa S_____

Angstrom Umlut S______.

Or merely

Yeiger Ü S_____

The possibilites are endless.


Blogger raknak said...

I dont' get it. What is:

Yeiger Ü S_____

9:00 PM  
Blogger Red said...

It all puts my James Stewart Thomas to shame...

4:38 AM  

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