Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yoga Suprise

I went to my usual 7:30 vinyasa at yoga people last night and who should I run into? Our friend Craig and his sweetie (and NY times fashion photog) E. Which was weird because not one month earlier, on our weekend trip to Vermont, Craig told me this girl was trying to get him to go to yoga with her and should he go? And I'd said well yeah--a girl doesn't ask you to go to yoga with her lightly. Little did I know they'd turn up at my studio. I never run into anyone there. (My only Brooklyn friend who does yoga belongs to swanky equinox...) But it was cool and Craig did really well given that he'd never ever taken yoga before. (He even attempted to do a forearm stand!)

But this is now the second weird coincidence involving Craig.

The first being:

Last weekend we all went to a place called Camp here in Brooklyn. (Fireplace; smores; board games and a log cabin motif.) Craig gave Rod and I a ride home and I dropped my cell phone in the back without knowing it. Flash forward a week, past frantic calls to all the places I'd been and finally resigning myself to the fact that the cell phone was lost to the void. We're visiting our West Village friends Deb and Dave and as I'm telling them how upset I am about the phone because I've lost all my #s and some photos I'd snapped but never downloaded--ie burning man, last days in charlottesville etc etc--Craig texts Rod to say he has my phone. I mean he texts the exact second the words "...I'm just so pissed about that phone" come out of my mouth.


Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

LOVE when stuff like that happens.

12:26 PM  

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