Friday, May 04, 2007

And I Don't Even Do Drugs (Anymore*)

Every once in a while I have a really strange dream. (Normally I don't even remember any dreams, so when I do it's usually because the thing was superstrange...)

Like last night.

I dreamed I was a mermaid queen, the leader of a society of merpeople and we were engaged in a large-scale battle against another civilization--evil merpeople--bent on destroying us.

In the final scene, a humungous ocean liner passed over us. I could feel the shadow before I looked up and saw the bulking ship sliding over us. It felt cold all of the sudden. That was the tipoff. I knew it would crush us if I didn't move quickly. (But how? Why? The logic of dreams is such a funky thing.) So I flipped a switch on my underwater pogo stick and a blast of rocket fuel came out the back, sending me and my entourage careening through the water, past the dangerous ship, past even the evil enemy merpeople and their mob of sardine henchmen.

At which point some part of my mind seperated off and I started laughing. (A pogo stick! Underwater!) Rod overheard me and said something that I now can't recall. I surfaced, rolled over and peered at him typing away on his laptop. (The freak I married usually wakes at about 6, opens the laptop that he's stored on his nightstand, and begins working minutes after waking. No coffee until an hour or so later, mind you.)

He says I do this a lot, this laughing to myself in my sleep and then laughing myself awake.

* And yes, back in the day I was known to smoke a spliff or two...



Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

what an awesome dream!! i want to have a dream in which i'm a mermaid. i love dreams... they let us live in warped realities... fantastical lands. i've always wanted to live in a fantasy novel... dreams are the closest i'll ever be able to get (aside from reading of course)

by the way, what's a spliff? (i'm naive, i know)

2:57 PM  

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