Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stress Shoplifting

I heard a crazy story last week. This woman told me a co-worker confessed that when he got really stressed out he'd go to a local drugstore and shoplift dental floss as a way to relax.

Dental floss. I mean, you'd think you'd just grab whatever was most accessible: a pack of gum one week, floss the next, maybe a barrette.

I've been thinking about it for days and I think there are three things that kill me about this one: 1) the obsession with dental floss, which in itself is weird; 2) wouldn't shoplifting cause stress rather than relieve it? And most of all: isn't this the type of thing you'd wanna hide from a coworker rather than brag about?

But I'm totally using the detail in a story. Way too good to pass up.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:21 PM  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

hahahha! this cracked me up. but i'm with you... shoplifting would stress me out to no end. i'd be terrified i'd be that person caught trying to steal dental floss and having to explain myself.

but i guess, whatever works for ya.

3:17 PM  
Blogger self taught artist said...

too strange. but i get irritated at how expensive good dental floss is so at least he is picking something one uses every day, several times a day. it probably is stressful but perhaps the stress of it counteracts the other stress.
telling a co-worker is probably the strangest part!

2:01 PM  

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