Monday, August 14, 2006

20 comments redux

Apparently Alun, one of the blogs I and CandyMinx and I linked to last week, had a drop in visitors on 20 comments Wednesday instead of a jump. He has a very nice graph demonstrating so.

I have to admit I never really thought of 20 comments as a way to boost traffic, just a way to explore new blogs. (I mean, the week before last I discovered a blog about comments on other blogs...)

On second thought, I wonder if Alun objected to being listed between Bearskinrug and Gay Mormon and Married? (You gotta visit that last blog, btw. I found it through an article Dooce posted last week.)


Blogger Alun said...

No objection, just interesting :) I doubt I would have visited either of those blogs otherwise. I simply wasn't aware of them.

This may be one of those times where there's a misunderstanding either due to local culture or personal differences. I'm quite reserved, so I wouldn't necessarily comment the way you would. Twenty comments is large for one day and if you arrive and skim read the post you could get the impression that the target is more important than the blogs.

Both you and Candyminx have made it clear it isn't, and Karen has very clearly shown she puts quality before quantity. I think it's a very clever idea, which uses one of the differences between a blog and a typical website well. If I get time I'll try and have a go myself tomorrow.

As for the visitor graph, it's probably a logging error for that day. I thought it amusing that I should have more links and substantially fewer logged visitors. When visit counts do go up sharply I tend to groan because I've probably said something stupid. I'm far happier with quality rather than quantity.

4:48 AM  
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