Monday, September 11, 2006

Flying Into NYC On The 5 year Anniversary of 9/11

I was scared shitless this morning. When we made the reservations I didn't think twice.
We flew into O'hare on Saturday (after a brief detour at a good friend's bridal shower on Long Island) and stayed at the Hilton on Grants Park. The next morning there was a 5k race in the park to support prostate cancer. (Our first client was the cancer foundation my parents' set up a few years ago. We (meaning R and I) still produce materials for them--and help with the occasional conference--so we went out to show our support and to help run the table.) My time? 24:53. It was cold. And rainy. And windy. Afterwards we went to the Field Museum to see the King Tut exhibit. Which was kind of a let-down. Then to dinner at Greek Islands in Greektown. Which was fabulous. I ate too much and had this dessert called ambrosia--walnuts and honey and shredded philo and ice cream. They rolled me home. Yeah.

Then today: a 9 am flight from Chicago to LaGuardia. Last night I told my Dad that I didn't think anything would happen. I mean, if the Terrorists really wanted to hit us it wouldn't be by plane. It'd be train or boat or the water supply or some way we weren't fucking expecting it, right? Take your enemy by suprise. But my Dad? My mild-mannered trail running scientist-dad says: "Well, on the other hand." And he pauses. Takes a bite of his fish. "It would really show us up if they hit NY again by plane, now wouldn't it? I've been up all night. Worrying." So you see how some of my anxieties are learned, no? Not all inherited.

Our flight was cancelled because of severe thunder storms. We were rescheduled on a later flight.

I had some tortilla soup from the Wolfgang Puck stand. Then we took off. The flight was half empty. The stewardesses were all blonde and heavily made-up. Very midwest, I thought. I slept. We landed. Nothing.

And when I got home? I kissed each of the cats and took a stroll around the neighborhood. It was so calm. So peaceful. Sunlight filtering through like in a dream


Blogger Red said...

Some friends of ours flew in from Italy yesterday. Husband and I didn't say anything to each other until after they had arrived safely at our house, but it emerged later that the fact they were flying on 11 September was at the back of our minds all the time. Well done for conquering your anxieties. I think I would have waited an extra day. But then, I dislike flying at the best of times.

7:30 AM  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

Yeah, that would have been creepy to fly yesterday. I actually had a difficult anxiety ridden day, rain, and haunted by the anniversary.

If you feel like it, next time you're coming to Chicago, let me know. We'll take you out for dinner.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

red: yes, it did occur to me that perhaps we should have waited, but I needed to get back to work.
Candy: I sure will! I think I'll be back next september, but hopefully we'll see eachother at burning man next year, no?- Minerva Jane

11:19 AM  

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