Friday, September 15, 2006

M's Birthday & Friday Night Fiestas

So today is our friend M's birthday. (33's a good year, I think. A nice vibe. Plus, that's the age Jesus was when he was crucified... So: perhaps this is the year M will start a religion and recruit millions. You just never know.) And since he was here in NYC on business Tuesday-Thursday he decided to stay and spend the weekend with us. Yay! We get to see M two times in one month! I mean that hasn't happened since grad school.

Last night we stayed here in Brooklyn. Ate at Bar Tabac (my local fave) then went to Live Band Karaoke at Magnetic Field--just down the block from us. R sang two songs and was fantastic. (Magnetic Field has Live Band Karaoke every thursday and we've been a couple of times now. R actually practices. There's a group of about ten or so that come just about every week.) It's pretty wild. Check it out if you ever in the area.

And I think tonight we're going to this place called Diablo Royale in the West Village with a whole group. Diablo's got killer margaritas and scrumptioius fish tacos. Afterwards we'll roam Manhattan in our spiffy M-birthday celebration wear. (M's already got a pretty funky belt on, but no--neither R nor I have selected our outfits for the soiree....)

So yeah. Good times.


Blogger Candy Minx said...

Ah yum, margeritias, a fave ! Sounds like a fun night.

I think I remember a Bar Tabac in Manhattan any relation? Lebonnese food more or less?

10:13 PM  
Blogger Red said...

As untrendy as it sounds, I love karaoke! I rarely go up to sing myself (and have always ever done it as a group, not on my lonesome), but Husband is quite the old hand at that game. So much so, that I spent our honeymoon sitting at a table on my own, while he entertained the entire population of the hotel. The resident band actually offered him a job!

2:38 AM  

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