Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mueuk At The Brooklyn Museum

We went to the Brooklyn Museum today with R's Mom to see an exhibit of Ron Muek's fiberglass sculptures. Muek's uber-realistic figures are either gigantic or tiny and there's something about the unflinching nature of his gaze--the fat man's uncircumcized penis hanging flacidly against his thigh; the elephant-sized newborn still streaked with blood; the old woman's hawk-like eyes peering from hooded flesh--that startled me. These were not necessarily attractice or unattractive people, but just normal human bodies, flaws and all. And as I stared down at a mini sculpture, one of a couple spooning, I realized that by reducing--or enlarging--the human figure so dramatically Muek had effectively divorced it from both the glorification of say greco-roman nudes and the shame of porn nudity. The tiny figures engendered feeling of protectiveness in me and the gigantic figures showcased the body's individualities, like nose hair, or a paunch, or chipped toenails, and ultimately made me exclaim--jesus, we're all flawed like this, aren't we? Every last one of us. A tragedy, really, that movies and magazines and the internet have lulled us into forgetting what most of us are really like beneath our clothes.



Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

wow! he's incredible! i can't believe how realistic those statues are... i'd love to see his stuff in person!

perhaps he'll come to dallas or even fort worth one of these days

thanks for sharing... and i love your thoughts. it's funny... i looked at the pictures before i read your post, and i was thinking the exact same thing about the imperfections of our bodies

1:04 AM  
Blogger Diana said...

Awesome, wish I could have seen this show!

12:31 AM  

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