Saturday, November 24, 2007

Back in Brooklyn

We just got back to our apartment and I have to say my cats are jerks. The mess they made!

Now Rod's on his way to the gym and Mark's engrossed in one of the Harry Potter books. And me? I'm procrastinating before I do my daily writing thing. (Yes: I did manage to keep churning out 6 pages a day while we were away and am now on page 150! 7 more days to go...)

Tonight we're going out for dinner then maybe over to Magnetic Field to see The Mighty Fine. I'm taking my camera and hopefully I'll remember to snap some pictures...

I actually do have some from our extended weekend up-state but that'll have to wait until later this week. Primarily because I have to crop & filter the pix but also because I can't find the cord that connects the camera to my trusty laptop.

Add another week of novel-writing, three freelance projects, an acupuncture appointment and another session with the reproductive endocrinologist and you've got a week from hell for little old Minerva Jane.

But all that can wait until Monday. Today and tomorrow are still vacation days and after I write I think I may just take a nap before dinner.


Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

good call. and i was wondering if you stuck to your schedule over the holiday.

i'm impressed :)

12:17 AM  

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