Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So Lame

Seven days into my month long post-a-day venture, I failed to post as planned last night. What does this mean? I'm going to post twice--no three times today. Because overcompensate I must.

We went out to Schiller's again last night. This time I limited myself to a tuna salad (seared tuna over baby greens) and some mango vodka drink topped off with champagne and a mango slice. Well, there was some wine too.


Blogger Red said...

Champagne cocktails? WTF???

Life must be sweet over there, and good for you, MJ! We also had some wine last night... I think. No, wait, I didn't have any (though it sounds like I'm sloshed as I write this, apologies for that!), but * accompanied his risotto with some Sicilian Chardonnay. Nice...

1:58 PM  
Blogger Minerva Jane said...

I know! Life is grand when you know the bartender. Ohh Sicilian chardonnay sounds good. and risotto. Yummmm. Speaking of which: way past lunchtime here...

2:10 PM  

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