Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Big Brothers

Last Saturday we went out to New Jersey to visit our friends Adam and Mew, their two year old son Luke, and newborn Wyatt.

I got to hold Wyatt all afternoon and jesus do I have to say babies at that age (two weeks) are so freaking tiny. The fingernails! The teeny nose! Broke my heart. Ahhhh. I've got babylust, I'll admit it.

Anyhow, Luke seemed to be taking it really well. I myself don't really remember when they brought Gabi home from the hospital (I was Luke's age: about 2) but I do remember the searing jealousy whenever she got a bigger toy or I thought my parents were paying more attention to her when we were in gradeschool. Still. She was the best gift I ever got: instant friend and companion; person to torment when bored--long car trips rocked: a mere poke of my finger sent her into a tizzy; and weirdly patient subject when I dreamed of becoming a hairdresser and then a schoolteacher. (Although my efforts consisted mainly of braiding her hair as tightly as I could and then forcing her to practice spelling on the mini chalkboard our grandma had given us.)

The cutest part of the whole visit on Saturday was when Luke, frustrated that Rod wasn't paying as much attention to the new game as he should (Luke was bored of the doctor charade and opted for space-ship building with gigantic legos) calmly removed Rod's stethescope and hat and said, "Roddy, Roddy, now we do this," and gently pointed my darling distracted husband in the right direction so he could concentrate. Would that I could be so patient with him.


Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

haha... kids are so fun.

sure, they've got their annoying moments. but who doesn't? and i agree... baby fingernails are perhaps the cutest thing in the world.

12:21 PM  

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