Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Off The Wagon

I broke down and got a large coffee from Starbucks today.

(Before you freak, yes, I think we should all support local coffe shops and shun behemoths like starbucks but honestly, the people who work at the starbucks near us are soooo much nicer than the chichi stuck-up tazza owners (not the staff, they're cool) who work the morning shifts that sometimes I avoid going in there.) Besides, Rod was the one who ventured out to get it and he kinda hates tazza.

The weird thing is, after being away from it for about two weeks, I realized how bad coffee actually tastes and how bad it makes your mouth smell....


Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

i agree that it's definitely good to support the smaller shops. but i don't feel incredibly guilty when visiting starbucks. the founder is a true self-made man and the company is known the world over for treating its employees extremely well... even providing health insurance to part-timers.

so, no worries. i try to share the wealth ;) but i also don't drink much coffee, so i don't know how much wealth i'm actually "sharing"


12:24 PM  

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