Monday, October 22, 2007

The List
Last year I started a running list of things I want to do during my lifetime. Just about once a month I read over this list--adding new goals, altering details, or deleting items. And every time I edit The List I spend a good deal of time daydreaming about how each task might unfold. I figure if I keep up my healthy eating & exercise routine I have a good 66 more years to accomplish my goals. (I'm being conservative and aiming for 100...)

And oddly enough, most of the list involves travel.

Take a look. Then tell me: what's on your list?

1. Be an extra in a movie or television show.
2. Take trapeze lessons.
3. Travel across Virginia in the end of October in a hot air balloon. (The fall colors!)
4. Take tango dancing lessons.
5. Go trekking in Nepal.
6. Spend the winter in Costa Rica writing.
7. Have a professional photo shoot in a field with wildflowers. (I know. Such a cheese.)
8. Learn to flip an omelet perfectly.
9. Get fitted for a bra at a fancy schmancy lingerie shop.
10. Go on a yoga-adventure vacation (hiking or kayaking) in South or Central America.
11. Go hiking in Cinque Terre, Italy.
12. Visit Australia and/or New Zealand.
13. Take a yoga class every day for one month.
14. Go camping at Big Sur for a week.
15. Take a tantric yoga class.
16. Finish writing that second novel.
17. Write a screenplay.
18. Become a certified yoga teacher and develop a yoga for creativity class.
19. Go to the Denali National Park.
20. Write a book of travel essays.

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Blogger Will said...

"Spend the winter in Costa Rica writing." - that's very cool, DO IT

8:16 AM  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

awesome list!!

so many things in common :)

1. go sailing
2. take a ride in a hot air balloon
3. spend a year in new zealand... writing and working in a coffee shop or bookstore
4. work as a bartender
5. get the courage to write a book and more courage to submit some of my poetry to some journal or contest or something
6. move to the east coast
7. work on a movie set (would love to work as a screenwriter... but i'd really be okay with most any position)
8. go to alaska
9. go to italy... all over italy
10. go on some sort of kayaking trip... not even sure where, but i love kayaking
11. go to colorado

there's a lot more... but i don't need to clog your comment section :)

again... great list!

4:49 PM  

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