Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I'm 27. No, really...

How old are you?
So I married a stud...

One of Rod's clients, Gomadic, is featured in this month's issue of Pocket PC magazine. On the shelves now!

Monday, May 15, 2006

I know famous people

Rod's cousin, Deb, is a jewelry designer.

Her bracelets were just featured in the May 7th edition of NY Times Magazine!

Go buy one. Now.
I actually did finish that story

Although it is now called "Seven Things About Leroy."

The one I'm working on right now, "The Brand New Wheelbarrow" is inspired by one of Rod's oldest friends, Todd Wright. How old of a friend? They met in the fifth grade. The only people I've known that long are my parents and my sister.... Who's living in a yurt on an organic farm in Vacaville, Ca until the fall. But more on that later.
Madge's Cow

I woke up at two this morning in the middle of a dream. Something about it was important--the characters or the plot were somehow symbolic of something and I didn't want to forget it--as I usually do my dreams. So I stumbled into the living room and scrawled a note on a green slip of paper beside my laptop. I forgot about it until a few moments when I discovered it under a stack of outgoing mail. The note says "Madege's Cow." I seem to remember it being the title of a book. A book with a green cover.

Ah, the absurdities of the psyche.