Thursday, October 23, 2008

23 Weeks: Linea Negra & Some Belly Shots

So it happened. I got the linea negra--the dark line running from pubic bone to belly button... it only shows up in some women and apparently I'm one of them. The only part of this that freaks me out is the suggestion that it may not ever go away. And of course I'm double-freaked out at the thought that this may signal stretch marks galore down the line. I've been moisturizing like crazy with extra thick shea butter but apparently all the creams and lotions in the world won't make a difference: a woman's propensity to get strech marks during pregnancy is a hereditary thing.

Other pregnancy complaints: lower back pain and my monstrous breasts. (I mean really: they're fucking huge.)

On the plus and eternally grateful side I'm feeling the little Sprout move around constantly. Doesn't matter if I'm sitting down at my desk, standing in the subway car, doing yoga, walking--he's squirming left and right up and down. It's the coolest and strangest feeling in the entire world and makes me completely awestruck each time I feel it.

Anyway, let's change the subject and take a look at my burgeoning belly!

23 weeks today, folks.

I swear my stomach was flat back in May: that's all baby in there. My breasts don't look as huge as they do in real life because I'm wearing an uncomfortably tight and binding job bra for yoga... (Oh, and lounging on the bed in the background is Jasmine, the fluffiest cat ever.)

The painting behind me was a wedding gift from the talented Todd Wright. He's got tons of other painting for sale; if you're interested in seeing his work, let me know. (Cat is cat #2: Janus, the craziest cat ever.)

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Even The Grocery Stores Are Pretty In Brooklyn

This colorful flower display marks the entrance to our local Key Foods, at the corner of Atlantic & Clinton.

A new Trader Joe's moved in a block away but as far as I can tell it hasn't really affected Key Foods traffic yet.


1) Key Foods has better flowers. (I know. Weird, right?); and 2) Trader Joe's selection is woefully small despite the quality of the products being much higher. Examples? Well, Trader Joe's doesn't sell handy household items like, oh, say toilet paper and liquid plumber and sponges and Windex. And they only have one brand of cottage cheese! What's up with that?

So for now I'm grateful that I have two grocery stores within a block and half of my apartment building.

Viva la Key Foods y la Trader Joe's!

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Atlantic Antic

I love my hood. Yesterday Atlantic Avenue from the BQE to Atlantic Center was closed off for the annual Atlantic Antic festival. Tons of crafts, food, music and fun!

Some highlights of the day were: the best kettle corn I've ever tasted; yummy baklava; belly dancing; and the gogo dancers.

Gogo dancer outside of Last Exit bar

Rod embraces a mannequin.

Middle Eastern dancing outside of Sahardis.

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Baby X's First Portrait

Our 20-week anatomy scan went so well on Wednesday. Baby X was indeed doing step-aerobics: flailing and dancing about like a crazy man. No wonder I've felt like a punching bag the last few nights. And yes: I said man. We're having a boy! We got a fabulous 3D image of him that I've been staring at ever since.

Isn't he the most handsome fetus ever? He's got Rod's chin!

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Forgot to post this yesterday, so I figured I would today: to all those who celebrate the Jewish holidays, Happy New Year!

Last night we went out to Long Island to Rod's Mom's house for rosh hashanah. It was really nice but I ate so much I felt ill the rest of the evening. (BTW, the truly great thing about marrying someone from a different religious background is that you never have to divy up holidays....)

Funny, all day yesterday I didn't feel the baby move at all, then this morning he/she's been doing flips non-stop. Not sure what's going on in there: step-aerobics?

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