Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Atlantic Avenue Going Going...

So we live on Atlantic Avenue, a four-lane border between ritzy Brooklyn Heights and uber-cool Carrol Gardens.

As most NYers already know, the area is set to be overhauled in a massive gentrification project in the coming years. Locals are deadset against it; even celebrity neighbors like Heath Ledger are joinging in the 'hood's develop don't destroy message. And now, organizers of the neighborhood's annual street festival, the Atlantic Antic, are getting blasted for accepting the gentrification overlord's sponsorship for the Sept. 17 event.

As a newcomer to the city and the Avenue all this is a little disconcerting because the same exact debate is going on in the place I just left: Charlottesville, Virginia. Development of Route 29 is pushing out the quirky rural pockets that made the place unique.

Personally I'm nervous because as buildings are renovated (like this one pictured) and gentrified rents are skyrocketing. As in twice the rent of the surrounding buildings. Which means we'll probably be moving out to Bed-Sty in a few years.

I know all those Manhattanites are being pushed out of the Village and Soho and for god's sake even the Lower East Side. But can't they just go to LA and leave Brooklyn alone?


Anonymous colleen said...

Here we have clear cuts. Why can't they harvest timber and leave a few trees standing?! I worry about all this. The town I grew up in was a working class town and now it's all seacost condo living. What about the salt of the earth?

12:41 PM  
Blogger Red said...

Is it not rent-controlled where you guys are? Like Carrie's place in Sex and the City?

2:54 PM  

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